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Short Bio

Hi, my name is Zhenyu Song (pronounced as zen-yu).

I’m currently a Ph.D. student at CS Department, Princeton, under the supervision of Prof. Kai Li and Prof. Kyle Jamieson.

My research interest is system. I like infrastructure with a focus on efficiency.


Email: sunnyszy [at] gmail [dot] com

Phone: (412) 326 8905


  1. Wi-Fi Goes to Town: Rapid Picocell Switching for Wireless Transit Networks. [PDF]
    Zhenyu Song, Longfei Shangguan, Kyle Jamieson.
    to appear at ACM SIGCOMM 2017

  2. Modeling Topic-level Academic Influence in Scientific Literatures. [PDF][Slides]
    Jiaming Shen, Zhenyu Song, Shitao Li, Zhaowei Tan, Yuning Mao, Luoyi Fu, Li Song, Xinbing Wang.
    AAAI 2016 Workshop on Scholarly Big Data

  3. HiQuadLoc: A RSS Fingerprinting based Indoor Localization System for Quadrotors. [PDF]
    Xiaohua Tian, Zhenyu Song, Binyao Jiang, Yang Zhang, Tuo Yu, Xinbing Wang.
    IEEE TMC 2016